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A Guide to Writing Analytical Essays about Fiction
Editor: Éditions JFD
Author: Kate Sheckler
Number of pages: 91
ISBN or internet key: 9782897990695
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Language is complex. Written or spoken, the complexity of language makes the medium the versatile tool we need but also creates the potential for a wide variety of misunderstandings and mistakes. Whether we are attempting to understand a piece of fiction or writing a text to make our thoughts comprehensible to others, the complexity of language is both necessary and fraught. That said, the inevitable pitfalls don’t mean we need to sacrifice precision or accuracy.

This guide is a step by step process that offers hands-on methods for accurate analysis and precise essay construction. Chapter one deals with a variety of methods by which to approach stories and novels such that your analysis is structured on carefully constructed, logical progression founded on the primary text rather than on hunches and guesswork, and chapter two offers infrastructures and scaffolding on which any essay can be structured. The structures included in chapter two are not a template and thus do not limit style or content; rather, they are based on a series of tasks that must be completed for an argument to be convincing. As such, the tasks offer a kind of map through the process of essay writing that always indicates your next step.

Contrary to accepted mythologies about analyzing fiction and writing essays, neither is a guessing game, and this text can help you remove the guesswork from your own process.

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